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2016 Raimat Boira Garnacha

2016 Raimat Boira Garnacha
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Garnacha


Blueberries and blackberries have a breakdance battle in a bouquet of violets


Youthful, supple, fresh = gulp-able

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More about this wine from Catalunya, Spain
The Raimat Garnacha is from the same crew that produces the Anna de Codorníu Cava that we have been so high on this year. They've been making vino since the 1500s, so they should be pretty damn good at it by now! This Garnacha is made from 100% certified organic grapes and the winemaking process is also certified sustainable. The 2016 harvest was considered excellent in Spain, which allowed these little magic berries to stay on the vines a bit longer and get riper, juicier, and exuberant with flavor.

The nose is unbelievably vibrant fruitiness of Picota cherries (or Ambrunes), which is a juicier, riper, and sweeter cherry variety. Aka delicious. The palate is lush, velvety, soft, and supple. It's like your mouth can actually feel that this wine is from fresh and youthful grapes. Crack the top and enjoy these vibrant cherries!
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Pro Tip:

pretending OutKast is performing a live set of So Fresh, So Clean in your studio apartment... yeah, this juice is that youthful and fresh!

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