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2015 Witches Cauldron Chardonnay

2015 Witches Cauldron Chardonnay
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Chardonnay


Cut wedges of apples wrapped with honeysuckle petals


A wedding bouquet of white flowers morphed into gentle potpourri
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More about this wine from Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina is a high elevation desert. Sitting at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains, this famous wine region has long sunny days and brisk nights that make it an ideal place. The glacial water melting (sometimes too fast) from the mountains provides Mother Nature's perfect irrigation system all the way to the vineyards. You get the picture. Mendoza has it going on when it comes to making grapes aka wine.

The crew behind Witches Cauldron produce less than 1,000 cases of this Chardonnay per year. That ain't a lot and the small quantity means they pack in the quality. The juice will ignite your senses and take you on a little flavor ride to the wine's homeland. Your flavor ride includes honeysuckle, apple, and all kinds of white flowers. Bring some soft cheese like Camembert and crackers for the ride. Cheese plate, stat!
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soft cheeses! This Chard isn't loaded up with oak and butter, so complement the wine with creamy goodness. Think Camembert, Fontina, or Brie. Or some Velveeta shells and cheese!

Creamy Potatoes au Gratin