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2015 Estampa Reserva, Carmenere-Malbec

2015 Estampa Reserva, Carmenere-Malbec
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.8%




90% Carmenere, 10% Malbec


Not sure if smoked dark and red fruit is a thang, but it is with this vino and it is awesome


Plums and raspberries drizzled with brown sugar molasses

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More about this wine from Colchagua Valley, Chile
Some wine drinkers love blends. Some hate 'em. And some just might not even know the difference. Estampa is the only winery in Chile that specializes in the production of blends, which is just fancy wine speak for a technique that consists of carefully combining two or more types of grapes. Like a great relationship in life... the right combo of grapes can make for awesome wine!

This juice is a blend of two grapes that Chile has truly put on the wine map. Both varieties hail from Europe originally, but like so many immigrants, they're blossoming in their new home. The nose is spicy and concentrated ripe berries, plum, wild blackberries that folds into herbs and smoky molasses on the palate. The richness lingers in all the right ways.

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