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2014 Clare Wine Co. Shiraz

2014 Clare Wine Co. Shiraz
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 15%




100% Shiraz


Succulent red berries and mulberries (basically Aussie blackberries) crushed together in a blender


Full bodied yet elegant with spice and subtle dark chocolate that is perfectly overpowered by ripe cherries and hints of white pepper



Out of 26 ratings


More about this wine from Clare Valley, Australia
Some marketing campaigns fall epically flat... think New Coke, which turned back to Coca-Cola Classic in an instant. So... Shiraz vs Syrah, what's the deal?!?! We wish the debate was more provocative, but "Shiraz" is just a marketing term for Syrah produced in Australia and South Africa. We guess the marketing campaign worked better than New Coke because so many assume these are two different grapes. The modern "Shiraz" grape is identical to Syrah, which originated in southeast France.

The grape was brought to Australia by James Busby, the father of Australian wine. Busby traveled through Spain and France collecting vine cuttings that were the foundation of the Australian wine industry. Despite being genetically identical, the Shiraz grape tastes and looks different compared to its European version, mostly due to climate. The warmer climate is why this wine is bigger, bolder, jammy, and full-bodied. This juice is perfectly balanced too with super ripe and bright cherries, blackberries, and raspberries that get complicated with notes of white pepper and dark chocolate.
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