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2019 Poggio Anima Raphael Rosato

2019 Poggio Anima Raphael Rosato
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




80% Zibibbo, 20% Syrah


Spices, flowers, and herbs pass each other on a Sicilian stone path and say 'how do ya do?'


Dense and juicy, with the light red fruit flavors and floral notes carrying through on the persistent finish



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More about this wine from Sicily, Italy
It is known that Italian rosés (read rosato) are often heavy-handed and dark in color. But this wine, with its pale pink hue, is different and brings a touch of the South of France all the way to Sicily. Fun fact... Sicily is the 45th largest island on our planet and it is home to some seriously awesome grapes and bada** winemakers. This pink vino is a blend of Syrah and the indigenous Sicilian grape dubbed Zibibbo!

The grapes were handpicked: Zibibbo in mid-August, and early September for the Syrah from mountainous vineyards with seaside views sure to make even a few billionaires jealous! The nose is like a social distancing dance party with spices, flowers, and herbs waving wildly at each other from an acceptable distance. The sippin' is all these flavors coming together with a refreshing tart finish.

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