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2018 Aríos Loureiro

2018 Aríos Loureiro
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11%




100% Loureiro


White peaches, star jasmine, and early morning rain. Fresh and light with grassy citrus.


Light-bodied with an electric acidity. A bit earthy with citrus and freshly cut grass.



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More about this wine from Minho, Portugal
This wine is made entirely from the Portuguese varietal Loureiro, which means “laurel” in Portuguese, and hints at the distinctive aroma of berries and flowers the grape produces. The varietal has been in Portugal for quite some time and there’s evidence of it dating back to the late 18th century. The grape is often used to make blends, so the fact that this is a single varietal wine is pretty special.

The wine’s body is very light, but its prominent acidity keeps it bright and lively. Some of the citrus notes are similar to Sauvignon Blanc but its body and style are all its own. Loureiro is known for its aromatic notes of laurels in addition to bright citrus and refreshing acidity, all of which can be found in this wine. Because plantings of Loureiro have recently declined, it's hard to find in the modern market, but when you do, it's a beautiful treat. Enjoy this wine on a day you want to spend every minute outside and see why we think it's so special.
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This is the wine you want to smuggle onto the beach and sneak stealthy sips of as you walk down the boardwalk to find that perfect spot in the sand. “Feel Good Inc.” is playing through your speakers making you truly feel good, wishing the moment never end

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