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2017 Point Ormond, Sauvignon Blanc

2017 Point Ormond, Sauvignon Blanc
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Sauvignon Blanc


Smells like eating a whole bag of yellow sour patch kids on a plumeria-lined beach.


Pineapple shaved ice. Passion fruit and fresh-cut grass with frothy lemon and lime notes.

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More about this wine from Frankland River, Australia
The Frankland River region in western Australia is known for its Sauvingon Blanc and Riesling. The cool climate and mineral-rich soils give way to acidic, crisp and refreshing white wines that are deliciously easy-drinking. Wines from Down Under have become something a favorite around WA HQ this past year - and this sassy Sauvi B is no exception!

With its beautifully crisp edges, citrus and acidic bite, Sauvignon Blanc is an easy grape to love. This one brings a distinct pinch of the back of the palate thanks to its high acidity. This bottle is the perfect example of all the reasons to love Sauv Blanc. We would go as far to say that Sauvignon Blanc is the golden retriever of grapes. It's warm, playful and has versatility through the changing seasons.
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Staying up late, watching reruns of '60s TV shows

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