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2014 Vah Joo, Red Blend

2014 Vah Joo, Red Blend
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




70% Merlot, 30% Sangiovese


Bramble berry pie sprinkled with dried black tea leaves, wet grass and damp gravel.


Light body bursting into a floral bouquet. Acidic cherry and raspberry juice, damp wood.

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More about this wine from Tuscany, Italy
As winemaker Max de Zarobe puts it, “Vah Joo is a down-to-earth expression of the rich Tuscan terroir.” And we couldn’t agree more. It’s unfussy and straightforward, but seductively delicious. This past year we became particularly interested in more sustainable farming practices, and this one is about as clean as it gets - no pesticides, herbicides, additives or artificial yeasts, and there’s only a minimum amount of sulfites.

This wine thrives when it is chilled, a lively and life breathing red. Juicy and quaffable, an ideal pair with drunken summer rooftop parties. Dancing with bare feet on soft wood planks, throwing your head back to the warm clear summer sky and laughing until your stomach hurts. Juice-drenched pink plum notes smashed under ripe raspberries. Vegetal notes of crunchy orange early fall leaves and green bell peppers.
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