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Plus Six4 Rosé with Bubbles (2-pack)

Plus Six4 Rosé with Bubbles (2-pack)
Volume: 375 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%


Sparkling Rosé


100% Pinot Meunier


Fresh strawberries escaping tiny little bubbles


Strawberry and Black Cherry spiked La Croix



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More about this wine from Nelson, New Zealand
Wines that can. We love them. And this bubbly Rosé from Middle-Earth Wines, from (if you couldn’t tell by the Hobbit reference) a new to the scene New Zealand winery, is the one you're going to want to try. The vineyard sits at the top of the South Island, a bit west of Marlborough. And their locale is sun-drenched with the Pacific Ocean and rugged, bush-clad mountains nearby creating the kind of environment conducive to perfecting this light and delicious rosé. It’s perfect for those summertime beach escapes, and this Plus Six4 is sold out on their site. So get it here now.
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Pro Tip:

These little bubbles are vibrant and bright and they swipe right on every summer tomato-themed dish... like this Summer Bolognese!

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Young Blood - The Naked and Famous

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