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2019 Annamaria Sala Sicilia Rosso

2019 Annamaria Sala Sicilia Rosso
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Nero d'Avola


Stomping on cherries on a dirt road dating back to 7th century Greek times


An explosion of cherry coats the cheeks



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More about this wine from Sicily, Italy
Making their Nonna and four centuries of ancestors proud are Clara and Annamaria Sala, the charismatic sisters and winemakers behind organic winery Gorghi Tondi — an enchanting natural reserve, bird sanctuary, and organic winery in Western Sicily. They believe the secret to making great wine is working with the environment, so you won’t find any chemicals or use of GMOs in their wines or in this Nero d’Avola. While this native Sicilian grape can be somewhat fruity, in the terroir and capable hands of the Salas sisters, it tastes elegant, confident and bright, just like the women who made it.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

The Sicilians love their pizza like no other, so we highly recommend drinking this alongside a slice of square, Grandma-style pie!

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