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2020 Rémi Larroque "Gaillacoise" Pet Nat

2020 Rémi Larroque "Gaillacoise" Pet Nat
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11%




100% Mauzac


A perfect apple melody to accompany a pear harmony.


Honey guysering out of a green apple’s core.
More about this wine from Gaillac AOP, France
This sparkling bottle was made by Nathalie and Rémi Larroque, whose ancient Gaillac soils have been in Nathalie’s family since 1540. They’re focused on indigenous French grape varietals like Prunel’Art, Duras and Mauzac, from which this bottle was made. Mauzac is a late-budding, late-ripening grape which ferments over the winter, resulting in its signature dried apple peel taste.To achieve its sparkle, this wine was made in the Pét-nat style — an ancient, artisanal method of bottling the juice before it’s fully fermented which allows the grapes’ natural yeasts to consume the remaining sugars — resulting in naturally-occuring bubbles. This bottle is a major crowd-pleaser as an aperitif or with a meal. Serve cold but not iced!
How to drink it

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Fish with white sauce and iced desserts, but also pickled veggies, like this super quick method.

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