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2020 Perdeberg 'The Vineyard Collection' Chenin Blanc

2020 Perdeberg 'The Vineyard Collection' Chenin Blanc
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Chennin Blanc


Pear, peach, and guava laying out on a Caribbean beach


Rich meets fresh meets citrus... oh what a delight!



Out of 28 ratings


More about this wine from Coastal, South Africa
A hidden gem in the Cape, where all the cool, edgy winemakers reside, sits Perdeberg, a 75-year-old winery that makes some of the most elegant Chenin Blanc in all of South Africa. Which is saying something because this grape is the most widely planted in the entire country. This particular bottle of Chenin is drawn from specific vineyards, each with its unique character and terroir. The result is a white wine that’s lush, refreshing, and isn’t afraid to throw a punch of intense concentrated fruit, like citrus and pear. (This bottle is sold out on their site and hard to find, so stock up here!)
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Rich & fresh meets rich & creamy when paired with this riff of an infamous Thai dish dubbed Salmon Coconut Soup.

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