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2020 Gateway Vinho Verde Rosé

2020 Gateway Vinho Verde Rosé
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 10.5%




80% Espadeiro and 20% Touriga Nacional


Strawberries and currants sparring inside a bouquet of white flowers


Sippin' on an adult version of a Sonic strawberry limeade walking in a lush botanical garden



Out of 70 ratings


More about this wine from Vinho Verde, Portugal
Vinho Verde is every single, purely sunny day of summer crammed into a bottle. Good thing we've got more than one bottle of this insanely delightful vino! We're uber excited for the rosé Vinho Verde that we've found in the Amarante sub-region of Portugal where Vinho Verde calls home. Each grape is picked individually at optimum ripeness packing as much youth, freshness, and perfectly tart fruit into every bottle.

The nose is persistent strawberries and currants that pour out of your glass or solo cup if you're sneaking in a roadie while walking the beach or just the dogs around the neighborhood. The sippin' is still easy and a guilty pleasure but a more complex version with notes of cranberry zest and pomegranate that tickle the tongue with that touch of effervescence. Kinda like adult sprite spiked with ripe strawberries!
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Getting overly competitive during adult field day in the local park with music blaring from the boom box!

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