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2019 Casa dei Reti Soave Classico

2019 Casa dei Reti Soave Classico
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Garganega


Like a piñata explosion of melon and peach aromas


Like a layer cake of peach and melon topped by citrus and almond



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More about this wine from Soave DOC Classico, Veneto, Italy
If you haven’t heard of the Garganega grape, trust us, you aren’t the only one. We didn’t know much about it either before we got into the wine game. It’s a grape rarely used outside of Italy, and it is the main grape of Soave, a well-known white wine region near Verona (yes, that famed city of literature), and it's often found on many winning restaurant wine lists. The grape is known for its drier style and the almond and citrus flavors that open up sip after sip. And this bottle is made of 100% Garganega — so you’ll get a true taste for this beloved grape and its Northern Italian terroir.
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