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2017 Field Recordings Zinfandel Noir (2-pack)

2017 Field Recordings Zinfandel Noir (2-pack)
Volume: 375 mL , Alcohol: 14.9%




100% Zinfandel


A poetry slam face-off between cherries and ripe plum


Bright flavors of plum and black cherry like your favorite pie at grandma's house, yet more complicated with touches of spice, cinnamon, and black tea



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More about this wine from Arroyo Grande Valley, California
In the not too distant past, canned wines were somewhat controversial. Wine snobs were offended and vino newbies weren't sure if they could trust the quality of the juice in then can. Then we found winemaker Andrew Jones. Jones spends his days as a vine nursery fieldman planning and planting vineyards for farmers all over California, and Andrew is sometimes offered small lots of their best fruit on the side. Having stood in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast, he has a keen eye for diamonds in the rough: sites that are unknown or underappreciated but hold enormous untapped potential.

The 2017 Field Recordings Zinfandel Noir shows off all of Jones's skillz to find secret grapes, and this time, he found a patch of magic berries in the lesser know Cali wine region, the Arroyo Grande Valley. This can is packed with flavor and is bright, light, and refreshing, making it perfect all summer long. The sippin' starts with bright plum and ripe Black Cherry that slowly gets more complicated with a touch of spice, cinnamon, and black tea.

How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Dishing out friendly greetings on a solo stroll around the neighborhood, like a modern day boozy Mr. Rogers.

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