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2017 Antipasto Sangiovese (min qty: 2)

2017 Antipasto Sangiovese (min qty: 2)
Volume: 375 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Sangiovese


Jammy red fruit like cherry and plum with notes of red Jell-O and Twizzlers.


Bright and fruity with a medium body, it’s like grape juice you could drink all day long.

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More about this wine from Paso Robles, California
This canned wine is rich with fresh red fruit but has just enough acidity to keep it balanced and make it incredibly easy-drinking. Just be careful not to drink the whole can in one sitting! One can equals half a bottle of wine! The nose presents notes of fresh-baked bread like Parker House rolls and a fruitiness that reminds one of red Kool-Aid. Very fruit-forward and medium-bodied, this wine is the perfect example of a California red. It’s uncomplicated like a high school summer fling.

Most wines are made by using the traditional fermentation process of pressing grapes to release the juice which is then fermented into alcohol. This wine, however, is made using a different winemaking process called carbonic maceration which entails putting the grapes in the tanks whole and allowing them to ferment from the inside. This process is unique in that produces ready-to-drink wine quickly, less than six weeks in some cases, and also results in fruit-forward wines with low tannins — just like Beaujolais Nouveau.
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At the beach, your toes digging deep into the sand.

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