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2016 Sentobene

2016 Sentobene
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Primitivo


Like velvety blackberries, blueberries and dark cherries raided the fig jam in the fridge.


Grippy tannins that cling to the sides of your mouth are balanced by luscious dark fruit.

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More about this wine from Puglia, Italy
What's the deal with Primitivo?! Although most people probably haven’t heard of the Primitivo grape, it’s very likely they’ve tried it. Dark-skinned Primitivo is an Italian grape mostly known for producing deeply pigmented, high-tannin, high-alcohol wines, and is also known by another name here in the states: Zinfandel. The Sentobene is a classic example of the varietal with a velvety and elegant mouthfeel and layer upon layer of dark fruit, hints of spices and figs.

Intense and deep ruby red in color, this wine has full aromas of plum, red fruit jam, black cherry and hints of sweet spices. Full-bodied with a warm and soft flavor that reflects a highly mature fruitiness, the body is supported by pleasantly complex sweet tannins. The Sentobene pairs extremely well with grilled red meats, roasted lamb and mature cheeses.

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Practicing your Italian AKA 'ciao' and 'gratzi.'

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