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2016 Clot d'encís, Blanco

2016 Clot d'encís, Blanco
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% White Grenache


Peach tea, lime leaves, cantaloupe and white flowers. Sawdust, sage and purple basil.


Lime popsicles and a lemon icee. Apricots, yellow apple skins and crushed seashells.
More about this wine from Catalonia, Spain
Sure you’ve probably had Grenache Noir, or Garnacha as it’s known in its native Spain, but what about White Grenache? This white grape is a cousin to the red one and deserves just as much attention. Next time you spot one, skip the Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and go for this chuggable white instead.

This is a bottle that tastes like scooping bites out of half a honeydew, spitting out the seeds listening to *NSYNC while wearing a jean button up dress. Light bodied and definitely thirst quenching with a lifted minerality of sand and chalk, and low levels of fruit. Almost like salty kisses that feel like coming up for air.
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Justin and Jessica Timberlake’s summer garden vow renewal.

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This a light, soft and subtle wine that will cleanse the palate for this Harissa and Tzatziki combo.

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