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2016 Alloy Wine Works Chardonnay (min qty: 2)

2016 Alloy Wine Works Chardonnay (min qty: 2)
Volume: 375 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Chardonnay


Yellow fruit, lemon curd and yellow cake mix. Smells of stale lemon bars and pie crust.


Buttery like vanilla pie crust with notes of lemon-lime soda and rose water.

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More about this wine from Paso Robles, California
This wine is the definition of a California Chardonnay — bold, medium-bodied and rich. Aromas of zesty citrus with almond, white cake, leafy greens and morning dew. Smells like vanilla extract straight from the bottle, but it’s also very fruity with hints of leafy greens and lime and has a sweetness almost like vanilla syrup. On the palate, notes of floral rose water, vanilla buttercream, key lime pie with vanilla bean crust shine through.

Although drinking alcohol from a can is usually something reserved for beer, Alloy Wine Works is on a mission to change that. It may cause purists to cringe and traditionalists to turn up their noses, but the canned wine industry is on the rise because there are plenty of reasons to love canned wine: it’s conveniently portable, it chills faster than glass and there’s half a bottle of wine in one can so remember to share! And while some may argue canned wine has an aluminum taste, they’re sorely misinformed — the cans are lined specifically to prevent that metallic taste from leaching into your vino.
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