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2015 Solà Fred, Carignan

2015 Solà Fred, Carignan
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




100% Carignan


Black peppercorn crusted rose petals, wet asphalt, sandalwood and redwood bark.


Big body made for food with a gentle acidity. Sundried tomato laced with raspberry jam.
More about this wine from Montsant, Spain
The vast majority of Carignan is grown in Southern France, making this Spanish version a stand-out. The French use it in blends but this bottle here is a 100% single varietal wine, so you can really get the full effect of its meaty and earthy flavors. For years this grape was considered to be lower-quality but it’s finally being given the TLC it needs to shine its brightest!

Smashed cranberry and awkward elbows touching at holiday parties with unfamiliar people. Musty black tea, and wet wood notes. Medium plus body that would pair well with hearty meat dishes floods the palate leaving you with dusty tannins. Smoky, flinty, cool weather, and breathing in gloomy morning fog.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Watching The Goonies in a park near the beach under a summer sky.

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Hold Back the River - James Bay

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This wine has an acidity like pure electricity so it won't get lost in cashew alfredo or tempeh bacon.

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